Guy in the drive-thru starts backing up with another car sitting behind him. I had to yell at him to stop. Then he says “You know they do that so you hit them and they can sue.”

It’s a drive-thru. They were waiting in line…

I have no idea why people think it is a good idea to back out of our the drive-thru. I have seen at least 4 accidents because of that.

“Those” Cigarettes

Customer: Can I get a pack of those cigarettes? *pointing*
Me: Which ones?
Her: Those.
Me: The Eagles?
Her: No over.
Me: These?
Her: No down.
Me: These?
Her: No left. The green ones.
Me: These?
Her: I mean right.
Me: These?
Her: The 100s.
Me: These? Her:
No the Maverick’s!

Fucking people. I thought she couldn’t read or something. Made me play a damn guessing game instead of just saying what she wanted.

Dollar Shots

Customer buying a 15 pack of Keystone Light and 2 shots of Southern Comfort
Me: That will be $10.74.
Him: *Counting a few singles and change* $7:75. Just made it!
Me: No. TEN, 74.
Him: What?! No! The shots are a dollar.
Me: They are 2 dollars.
Him: They are a dollar.
Me: Southern is 2 dollars. The only shot we have that is a dollar is this cheap vodka. *shows him the shot*
Him: I don’t want vodka.
Me: Well all the other shots are $2 or more. You can get just one of the southerns.
Him: Which shots are a dollar?
Me: …None. *He just bought the beer and had $2.25 left*
Him: What shot can I get for $2.25?
Me: Most of them. You can get one of the southerns.
Him: Well gimme that then!

Making Change

Me: That will be $18.20.
*Customer hands me a $10 and 2 $5s and I give him his change*
Him: Can I get change for this $20?
Me: Uhhh, yeah. What do you need?
Him: Just a $10 and 2 $5s.
Me: You really didn’t think this through.
*He didn’t understand what I meant. I took the $20 and gave him back the $10 and $5s he just paid with*

What’s a Tax?

I have had to explain to far too many grown adults that there is sales tax when you buy something. How do you live in a place where everything you buy is taxed and not understand this?

Customer: What are the cheapest cigarettes you have?
Me: The Eagle 20’s are the cheapest ones. They are $5.31 after tax.
Customer: But it says $4.93.
Me: Yeah that’s before taxes. They come out to $5.31 total.
Customer: The sign says $4.93.
Me: Yes… That’s before taxes.
Customer: OK, I’ll get them.
Me: which ones. We only have the 100’s in regular or menthol.
Customer: The menthol shorts.
Me: We only have the 100’s.
Customer: No the shorts.
(I’m getting annoyed all over again just typing this conversation)
Me: We only have the 100’s.
Customer: Well what’s the next cheapest?
Me: Pyramid’s. They are $5.74 after tax.
*And then we had to have the exact same conversation about taxes again*

Money Is Confusing

People really don’t understand this money thing…

Customer at the drive-thru buying a pack of cigarettes.

Me: That will be $6.94.
*she hands me $6 in bills and then counts change*
Her: Here’s the 84.
Me: Sorry, it’s 94 cents.
Her: Make sure I counted that right.
*I assume she is just not hearing me right*
Me: Sorry its 94 not 84 cents. I need another dime.
Her: Make sure that’s right before I drive away.
Me: I just need another dime.
Her: Did I give you enough?
Me: … Yeah, you’re fine. Have a good night.

I was not dealing with that anymore over a dime.

Priorities 2

People really need to figure out their priorities. Just had another story like the one I posted a few days ago.

Woman is talking on the phone at the drive-thru about how her gas and water is turned off because she can’t pay her bill. This is while she is buying a case of bud light and 5 packs of cigarettes. About $50.