So a good story for once…

There is a regular at the store that I wouldn’t call an alcoholic but more of an extreme binge drinker. Like a pass out in the front yard or side of the road every time he drinks binge drinker. I actually saw him nearly passed out on some steps downtown one night when I was out.

He came in today to get a pack of cigarettes and tell me that his girlfriend had their baby. I congratulated him and asked if he was getting some booze to celebrate. He had told me when she got pregnant that he was going to order a keg after the baby came and have a party. But instead he said me that while he was at the hospital, after his girlfriend had given birth, a couple of his friends stopped over and gave him a couple of celebration shots and then the nurse smelled it on him and told him he had to leave the hospital. So after being kicked out of the hospital for drinking he is done drinking and it was time for him to “get his act together” especially with the new baby.

I congratulated him again and actually believe he will do it, but we will see.

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