Dollar Shots

Customer buying a 15 pack of Keystone Light and 2 shots of Southern Comfort
Me: That will be $10.74.
Him: *Counting a few singles and change* $7:75. Just made it!
Me: No. TEN, 74.
Him: What?! No! The shots are a dollar.
Me: They are 2 dollars.
Him: They are a dollar.
Me: Southern is 2 dollars. The only shot we have that is a dollar is this cheap vodka. *shows him the shot*
Him: I don’t want vodka.
Me: Well all the other shots are $2 or more. You can get just one of the southerns.
Him: Which shots are a dollar?
Me: …None. *He just bought the beer and had $2.25 left*
Him: What shot can I get for $2.25?
Me: Most of them. You can get one of the southerns.
Him: Well gimme that then!

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