I Get Paid at Eleven.

Not even 30 minutes into the store being open today I had a customer asking for money. This is not the first time he has asked, and he always does it in a long sob story. I helped him out one time and he took over a month to pay me back and would come to the store but stay in the car while his friends came in so he wouldn’t have to pay me.

Him: Hey man.. Are you going to be here till at least 11 today?
Me: Yeah, I am here till 5.
Him: Ok, here’s the deal. I get paid at 11…
*I cut him off. I could tell where it was going*
Me: Then you can come back at 11.
Him: Seriously?
Me: Yeah. Last time I lent you money you took over a month to pay me back and you even hid in the car so you wouldn’t have to see me. Not happening again.
Him: I paid you back more than what I owed you!
*I think he gave me an extra quarter*
Me: Yeah, but you said you were going to pay me back the same day and took a month, and then were a jackass about it so it’s not happening again. 11 is only an hour and a half away. If you actually are getting paid then you can come back.

*He left in a huff and didn’t say anything else… I am usually pretty nice to people, but this guy has pissed me off before. I guess I am not in the mood to deal with people’s bullshit today, but now I am curious to see if he actually does come back at 11.*

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