It’s Blue Weed Man

20 year old kid took about 5 minutes to decide what cigarettes he wanted

Him: Man, I thought next time I came in here you guys would be selling weed. You guys just need to start selling it here.
Me: You are going to have to move out to Colorado for that.
Him: That’s like hella far man. You guys just need to sell weed… You could make a ton of money… Just tax the shit out of it… Then you can stop taxing cigarettes so much… We could be like partners… You could sell this blue weed that I made… People would buy that shit… It’s blue weed man… You’ve got blue cigarettes… You could sell it next to them…

I just kept saying “mhmm” through all of this then got annoyed and said “It really doesn’t work that way. Which cigarettes do you want?”

Him: Marlboro Reds… Actually no, L&M Reds… No, those are expensive… Just give me the Newport Reds…
*grabbed the Newports and rang them up*
Him: Actually just give me the Marlboro Reds.

Kid was too stoned to function. I guess that blue weed must be good.

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