Out of Steel Reserves?!

Customer: I can’t believe you guys are fuckin’Steel Reserve out of steel reserves again!
Me: We’re not out they are up there.
Her: I am looking right where they are supposed to be. It is fucking empty!
*I walk over and point to them, about 2 inches from where she was looking*
Me: They are right here.
Her: Well why did you fucking move them?! They go on the left!
Me: They are in the same spot that they always have been.
*She brings the can up up to the counter*
Me: $1.28.
*she hands me a dollar*
Her: I am just going to use this for the rest *pushes the leave a penny/take a penny cup over to me*
Me: There is only 3 cents in there…
Her: Here is a dime then.
Me: Still not enough.
Her: Fine! Fuck! *hands me another dollar*
*I rang it up and gave her the change. she took it and the 3 pennies from the cup*

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