Money Is Confusing

People really don’t understand this money thing…

Customer at the drive-thru buying a pack of cigarettes.

Me: That will be $6.94.
*she hands me $6 in bills and then counts change*
Her: Here’s the 84.
Me: Sorry, it’s 94 cents.
Her: Make sure I counted that right.
*I assume she is just not hearing me right*
Me: Sorry its 94 not 84 cents. I need another dime.
Her: Make sure that’s right before I drive away.
Me: I just need another dime.
Her: Did I give you enough?
Me: … Yeah, you’re fine. Have a good night.

I was not dealing with that anymore over a dime.

Don’t Shop High

Had a customer come in obviously very stoned and buy over $100 in cigarettes. He seemed confused the whole time and I’m not sure he really knew what he was doing. I wonder how long it will take before he realizes he bought 19 packs of cigarettes.

Priorities 2

People really need to figure out their priorities. Just had another story like the one I posted a few days ago.

Woman is talking on the phone at the drive-thru about how her gas and water is turned off because she can’t pay her bill. This is while she is buying a case of bud light and 5 packs of cigarettes. About $50.

Coke and Lies

Had a customer explaining to me about the ways he lies to his wife about money so that she doesn’t know he is doing coke. Like telling her they can’t go out because they need to save money for their phone bill, but really he spent all their money on coke so he just doesn’t have any. And then he borrows money from his son to pay the phone bill.

Real class act there.


Had a customer tell me he was having a bad day because he couldn’t afford to make his child support payments. He is telling me this while holding a wad of 20 dollar bills and buying about $50 in alcohol and cigarettes.

Think someone needs to get their priorities straight.

The Other Triple Sec?

I had a customer come in looking for Triple Sec, so I show it where it was and hand him the bottle of the only brand we carry.

Him: You only have the orange one?! I need the other one.
Me: That’s what Triple Sec is. An orange liqueur…
Him: No I need the other one.

He puts the bottle back and just rushes out of the store before I had time to even say anything. He must be in a huge hurry for whatever drink he is trying to make.


After some research I assume he was looking for Blue Curacao. But if there is another kind of Triple Sec let me know.

Suck A Baby’s Dick?!?

Customer: If they are going to judge me I don’t give a fuck. They can go pound salt and suck a baby’s dick.

That is quite original from something more normal like “They can piss off”. Also I have no idea who “they” is.