Still Awake?

Customer: I’m glad you guys are still awake.
Me: Awake?
Him: Yeah. Everyone is asleep.
Me: Well we are open till 1am.
Him: It’s after 1.
Me: It’s only 9.
Him: Oh… Help the people at the drive-thru first.
Me: There is no one at the drive-thru. What can I get you?
Him: I just need cigarettes. I’m not in a hurry. Help them first.
Me: There is no one there. *I had to open the window to show him*
Him: Marlboro Menthol.
Me: That will be $7.39.
*He pulls out a wad of cash and slowly hands me 4 singles. Puts money away*
Me: I still need $3.39
*Pulls out money and hands me 1 more dollar. Puts money away.*
I still need $2.39
*Repeat 1 dollar at a time till I have $8.*

The guy was too drunk and stoned to function.

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