The Bigger Pint

Customer at the drive-thru: I need Bud Light, Marlboro’s and Fireball.
Me: Uh, what kind and size for everything?
Him: Oh, reds…
Me: Ok, which Bud Light and Fireball?
Him: A case.
Me: What size Fireball?
Him: The normal one.
*I got annoyed, it is like pulling fucking teeth with some of these people*
Me: Half-pint, pint, fifth, half gallon, shot, which?
Him: Pint
*I got everything, rang it up and give him the total*
Him: I said the pint.
Me: That is a pint
Him: The bigger pint.
*Grabbed the fifth and gave him the new total. He didn’t say another word to me*

26 Replies to “The Bigger Pint”

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