What’s a Tax?

I have had to explain to far too many grown adults that there is sales tax when you buy something. How do you live in a place where everything you buy is taxed and not understand this?

Customer: What are the cheapest cigarettes you have?
Me: The Eagle 20’s are the cheapest ones. They are $5.31 after tax.
Customer: But it says $4.93.
Me: Yeah that’s before taxes. They come out to $5.31 total.
Customer: The sign says $4.93.
Me: Yes… That’s before taxes.
Customer: OK, I’ll get them.
Me: which ones. We only have the 100’s in regular or menthol.
Customer: The menthol shorts.
Me: We only have the 100’s.
Customer: No the shorts.
(I’m getting annoyed all over again just typing this conversation)
Me: We only have the 100’s.
Customer: Well what’s the next cheapest?
Me: Pyramid’s. They are $5.74 after tax.
*And then we had to have the exact same conversation about taxes again*

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